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It also works like a charm for maintaining a solid balance of gut flora which is vital in optimizing digestion and breaking down of body fat; this will reduce weight. Purchase just low fat yogurt to achieve desirable results in a quick manner. For those lovely cravers, you can blend honey in the yogurt. Usually do not use sugars at all. Be sure that the honey is 100 percent pure and organic. Gorge on to apples Apples contain essential fibers that assist in controlling appetite. Therefore, next time you crave for something lovely, chew on to an apple instead and your ‘fatty’ temptation will vanish for good.Episodes of pruritus or jaundice with pruritus were the first symptoms to occur after transplantation in each one of the children. The clinical course of each episode was seen as a elevated serum ideals of aminotransferases and bilirubin but normal GGT activity . Graft-biopsy specimens obtained during intervals of such elevations did not show signs of severe rejection . A few of the biopsy specimens showed intrahepatic cholestasis and giant-cell transformation ; on immunohistochemical analysis, the specimens had regular degrees of BSEP expression.