Cardiac incidents.

The award honors Texas hospitals that are carrying out quality initiatives targeted at improving outcomes in patient treatment by recognizing those hospitals that have improved their functionality on specific national quality measures. Late last year, the Governor asked state department and program heads to send proposed 2008 budgets including across the table cuts of 10 percent. The Governor should instead seek cost benefits by reducing bureaucracy and removing the abundance of corporate and tax-avoidance loopholes in the state rather than try to balance the spending budget on the backs of California’s most vulnerable residents.1 billion, of which $368.9 million is from General Fund.For another 16 months, teams of four nurses from each Austin-area medical center will work with CSI faculty, an interior mentor and their chief nursing officer to identify issues related to their existing patient care responsibilities. Teams will then develop and put into action unit-based projects, leading to quantifiable improvements in individual outcomes and decreases in medical center expenses. Generally, it is anticipated the projects can be implemented in additional units at each medical center later.