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It’s estimated that there are a lot more than 150 currently,000 kids in Tanzania coping with HIV/AIDS and in need of treatment and care. Mbeya gets the second highest rate of HIV in the country, with a prevalence price greater than 13 % among a inhabitants greater than two million. Based on the National AIDS Control Project , last year only 2,280 children were registered to get care with half receiving antiretroviral therapy. On the other hand, nearly 16,000 adults in Mbeya are on ARV therapy. While we are making improvement in enrolling adults into HIV treatment and treatment, our providers for kids possess severely lagged behind because of insufficient trained physicians and various other necessary resources, stated Eleuter Samky, M.D., medical superintendent, Mbeya Referral Hospital.At the same time food stamp recipients possess climbed sharply – achieving numbers nearly dual those seen December 2007 before the collapse set it – the average benefit has declined. This forces those at or near poverty to stretch their food dollars even thinner, putting more items out of reach and lower quality items in the basket, as inflation touched 9.4 percent in recent weeks. Households received typically only $274.55 under SNAP in June 2012, in comparison with $293.89 per month as of October 2009, while individuals signed up for SNAP received average benefits of $132.89 per month in June 2012, a statistical drop from $ October 2009 60..