Akebia completes enrollment in ongoing 200-patient Phase 2b study of AKB-6548 Akebia Therapeutics.

The existing standard of care, injectable erythropoiesis-stimulation brokers , induces your body to produce red blood cells using supra-physiological levels of erythropoietin-receptor agonists usually together with supplemental administration of iron. AKB-6548, by contrast, provides the potential to supply a more predictable and sustained degree of improvement in hemoglobin amounts while avoiding the rapid spikes in erythropoietin amounts that are commonly noticed with ESAs. Akebia expects to announce results from the Phase 2b study in the fourth quarter of 2014..Cox proportional-hazards models were used to check for variations between treatment groupings in visual acuity. We performed 28 protocol-specified comparisons of subgroups defined based on cutoff points that had been either previously chosen,17 found in the main ACCORD Glycemia, ACCORD Lipid, and ACCORD Blood-Pressure research,19-21 or chosen to divide each main group into two equal subgroups nearly. Extra, post hoc comparisons were performed for the effect on glycemia between patients also signed up for the lipid trial and individuals also signed up for the blood-pressure trial, between patients who had both high triglyceride and low HDL cholesterol amounts and patients with lower triglyceride levels or higher HDL cholesterol levels , between patients with some extent of retinopathy and the ones without retinopathy , and relating to categories of systolic and diastolic blood circulation pressure and number of blood-pressure medications .