A test for throat cancer caused by HPV?

A test for throat cancer caused by HPV? HPV, the most common transmitted disease sexually, can lead to throat cancers norge nettapotek . Doctors have been warning about the link for years, and earlier this full month, Michael Douglas thrust medical risk to international interest by disclosing his 2010 bout with tumor was the effect of a strain of HPV transmitted through oral sex. CBS This Morning Healthwatch Michael Douglas links his cancer to HPV: Could it be true? Michael Douglas blamed his throat tumor on oral HPV and sex in a recent interview. Oncologist Dr. David Agus – a CBS News contributor – explains. Recent reports suggest these HPV-driven cancers of the throat, base and tonsils of the throat – – called oropharyngeal malignancy –are increasing, and doctors explain people who are today getting diagnosed with the cancer likely had gotten HPV greater than a decade earlier.

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