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Although it frequently starts in childhood, about 60 percent of type 1 diabetes cases occur after age 20. Previous studies have suggested that a shortage of supplement D may improve type 1 diabetes risk, although those studies mainly examined the link between vitamin D amounts in being pregnant or childhood and the chance of type 1 diabetes in children. Other research, in young adults, uncovered an association between high supplement D levels and a lowered risk of multiple sclerosis-an autoimmune disease genetically and epidemiologically related to type 1 diabetes-suggesting that inadequate supplement D in adulthood may be an important risk factor for autoimmune diseases in general.You may also find a large collection of these herbal nutritional vitamin supplements at Nutrition Warehouse. It will just depend on your own specific nutritional needs when it comes to deciding on the best type and brand to make use of. If you have come across a website that gives numerous supplements for every kind of nutritional need, you better check the gives and terms and conditions. Occasionally there are unwritten guidelines on these sites such as possible added costs and hidden charges.